Caring for your hat

The best way to prolong the life of your Akubra hat is to store it properly when not wearing it and to keep it clean.

Always store you hat in a well ventilated area. Make sure it is free of damp, mould and possible insect damage. If you aren't going to wear it regularly, make a point of checking it every few weeks.
If you don't have a purpose designed hat box (or the box your hat was supplied in with the inbuilt hat support), store the hat on the crown (upside down) to prevent any brim distortion.

DO NOT leave your hat in a vehicle for any period of time as this may result in shrinkage and distortion of the hat.

Use a hat brush to give your Akubra hat a regular brush (anticlockwise direction). The is prevent any dust and dirt from settling into the fibres.
Keep the inner leather band clean and supple by regularly cleaning and conditioning with good quality leather care products.

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